What is Pulse?

Doctily Pulse with PulseAssist – is a pathbreaking and first time in India solution, that assists Doctors in capturing Symptoms, Diagnosis, Investigations and Medications so that you can quickly and comprehensively capture all Patient related information!

We specialize in Gynecology/Obstetrics and Pediatrics. Our solution is catered to your needs which we know are very complex.  Easily onboard your patients by effortlessly gathering their complete history and examination information using our templates (Antenatal, Antenatal Follow-up, Gynec, Infertility, Pediatric OP). Create Prescriptions in minutes with minimal typing using our PulseAssist system.

Why do I need Pulse?

• A paradigm shift in Doctor – Patient engagement

Patient onboarding made easy
Enhanced patient experience – past visit snapshot
Digital prescriptions with minimal typing
Electronic Health Record

• Pulse assist

Collect patient’s presenting complaints to see a list of potentially related symptoms diagnosis,investigations and treatments

• Quick Launch Prescriptions

Create quick prescriptions using PulseAssist Generate prescriptions in under a minute, print or ask patients to retrieve in Remedy

Clinic Performance Reports 

Patient visit information Clinical performance reports

How are you different?

For us the Doctor is the most important partner.  We strive to improve the practice of the doctor in all the aspects and will NEVER pitch doctors against each other. Absolutely no patient diversions from one doctor to another. Improve the bond between the existing patients and doctor. We do not sell the patient data to third parties. Data is safe and secure. A solution which helps you in clinical decision making – with our own unique IP – PulseAssist!

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